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What is your purpose in training employees?

Training by Sharanam act as a solution to many of the challenges at the workplace.


In an increasingly competitive and complex business landscape, there is a staggering soft skill gap that affects employee productivity. Research shows that hard skills contribute to only 15% of one's success while the remaining 85% is made by soft skills.


About  Us

Sharanam is a human skills training company involved in helping organisations improve productivity, creativity and well-being in the workplace.

Why Sharanam?

Custom Programs

Sharanam’s custom training programs ensure that you have complete control over the content and context of training to achieve your defined business goal. You can personalize the training delivery based on desired skills, schedules and specific learning needs of your employees.

Practical Training

Power skills training is more than knowledge transfer. It must motivate learners to build habits and develop a mindset for behaviour change. Sharanam offers highly interactive and engaging training to acquire human skills for real-world applications.

Experienced & Certified Trainers

Trainers at Sharanam are subject-matter specialists and have multiple years of work experience in their respective industry domains.All trainers at Sharanam hold a certification or qualification in training and/or assessment.


Organisations want to make sense of the investment they make in training their employees. The evidence-based assessment by Sharanam makes it possible for companies to evaluate and optimize their return on investment. (ROI).


Success in a learning program can be endorsed through industry-recognized professional certifications by partner assessors. The organisation may also have the option for an exclusive or joint certification with Sharnam.

Post-Training Support

Post-training support is key to completing the learning cycle. Coaching and consultation on habit building,

Client Speak

Super Sales

Our Super Sales Training Program will give you the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed, whether you are new to sales or an experienced professional seeking to advance your skills.

Popular Programs

Super Productivity

The Super Productivity Training Program is a smart investment for anyone seeking to increase productivity, accomplish goals, and thrive in the fast-paced, cutthroat environment of today.

Super Growth Leadership

The Growth Leadership Training Program is a thorough curriculum created to give participants the information, abilities, and resources necessary to guide others and themselves to success and development.



Our Affiliations

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