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About Us

Human Skills

Your workforce is your greatest asset and you realise the need to invest in it and strategically plan for their learning and development. Training your employees enhances their competencies,  motivates them to do better at their jobs and shows them that you care about their future. But do you provide relevant training to sustain a satisfied and engaged workforce?


If you are still grappling with a dissatisfied and disengaged workforce then the time is ripe for action. Preparing your workforce with skills such as communication, sales, leadership and personal development has become more salient than ever. Mapping the needs of the workforce and helping them align with the objectives of the organisation requires effective training methods.

Sharanam’s training methodologies are deeply rooted in inclusive and outcome-based experiential, behavioural and transformational learning models. They help learners to acquire new mental models for creating or modifying existing knowledge, skills, behaviour, and values that promote workplace readiness and success. The learning is also paralleled by a robust assessment mechanism which further helps organisations to derive a return on their investments (ROI).


Message From The Founder

Our traditional education and training have little to do with preparing us for the dramatic disruptions caused by the technological revolution. Though technology is helping lead innovation it continues to push forward with the automation of tasks that we humans once did. In such a precarious situation to prove our worth and to stay relevant, we must equip ourselves with skillsets that machines cannot master.


Our ability to develop emotional intelligence, creativity, empathy, character, communication, collaboration and cooperation, conflict resolutions, personality and positive relationships gives us an edge. Modern workplaces are stressing the need for individuals to possess these advanced soft skills to cope with the changing times. Organisations are well aware they cannot replicate these skills with technology and will have to invest in the development of these skills within their workforce to secure their future.


Sharanam with its innovative and transformative approaches can help you develop these missing capabilities and achieve transformation from the inside out. We develop practical skills, new perspectives and insights and growth mindsets that can put you and your organisation on the path of progress.

Our Mission

Sharanam is on a mission to empower individuals, organizations and communities to create a sustainable culture of growth, success and contentment through learning engagements, experiences and exploration.

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Our Vision

Sharanam is anchored in its core belief that learning is a life-long phenomenon and every human being has infinite potential to innovate, grow and succeed through conscious and continuous learning.

Why Sharanam?

Custom Programs

Sharanam’s custom training programs ensure that you have complete control over the content and context of training to achieve your defined business goal. You can personalize the training delivery based on desired skills, schedules and specific learning needs of your employees.

Practical Training

Power skills training is more than knowledge transfer. It must motivate learners to build habits and develop a mindset for behaviour change. Sharanam offers highly interactive and engaging training to acquire human skills for real-world applications.

Experienced & Certified Trainers

Trainers at Sharanam are subject-matter specialists and have multiple years of work experience in their respective industry domains.All trainers at Sharanam hold a certification or qualification in training and/or assessment.


Organisations want to make sense of the investment they make in training their employees. The evidence-based assessment by Sharanam makes it possible for companies to evaluate and optimize their return on investment. (ROI).


Success in a learning program can be endorsed through industry-recognized professional certifications by partner assessors. The organisation may also have the option for an exclusive or joint certification with Sharnam.

Post-Training Support

Post-training support is key to completing the learning cycle. Coaching and consultation on habit building,

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