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In today’s business landscape, convincing customers that your organisation's products or services can enhance their lives in some way demands a novel approach, doesn’t it?


That’s because today's customers have raised the bar when it comes to their expectations. They want personalised experiences that make them feel special and valued. 


Which means if your sales team is not equipped with relevant skills and strategies that cater to modern customers, it will derail your company’s revenue and growth instead of driving it forward. 

Sales Skills
Sales Skills

This is where sales training can make a difference. The better your sales team is trained, the better are your chances of thriving in a competitive market.


SkillsCorp’s Sales Training focuses on building a solid foundation of techniques and skills that can help your sales team stand out.


Through a series of interactive and engaging modules we work closely with your sales team to help them develop practical skills and deliver a sales experience that customers will always remember!

At the end of this training program, you can expect your team to:
  • Cultivate a seller’s mindset to exceed modern customer expectations.

  • Craft captivating sales pitches for every interaction.

  • Master negotiation skills to close deals faster and more effectively.

  • Skillfully turn objections into opportunities to win hesitant customers.

  • Choose the right sales strategy for each unique scenario.

  • Conclude sales conversations with confidence, leaving a lasting impression and building long-term client relationships.

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Seller’s Mindset

A Seller's Mindset is about cultivating a confident approach to sales. The seller needs to realize they are not just selling but genuinely helping customers internalize the value the company’s product or service has to offer. This module helps sales professionals develop the right mindset to meet the evolving demands of the market and the expectations of modern customers.

Effective Sales Pitch

A great sales journey often begins with a captivating pitch. This module is all about equipping your team with the skills of creating captivating sales pitches. Whether it's a quick elevator pitch or handling those intimidating cold calls, your team will make sure every interaction counts.

Negotiation Skills

Mastering negotiation skills is the key to closing more deals faster. This module is all about honing your team's negotiation skills teaching them the techniques to navigate discussions and reach agreements that benefit both sides. With these skills, they can turn potentially tricky negotiations into successful outcomes.

Handling Objections

Navigating objections is a crucial part of the sales journey. Imagine your team skillfully addressing objections such that even hesitant customers turn into enthusiastic buyers. We're going to equip your team with the skills to do just that - turning objections into opportunities

Sales Strategies

Different sales scenarios call for different strategies. This module provides comprehensive training in multiple sales strategies such as SPIN, Solution, Challenger, Consultative, and Value-Based. Your team will learn how to assess each situation and choose the most suitable approach, increasing the likelihood of successful sales outcomes.

Closing with Class

The closing stage is the make-or-break moment in your sales journey. Here you could be witnessing the possibility of a long-term relationship with a client.It's crucial to conclude sales conversations with confidence so that all your efforts don't go to waste. This module provides insights on gracefully wrapping up sales interactions. It's not just about closing deals; it's about opening doors for future collaborations.

Are you ready to take your sales team to new heights? Let's come together and make it happen today.

Training Details

Duration: The entire training will take approximately 8 to 16 hours. Based on customisation hours will differ.


There are several ways you can experience this training : Online/Offline/Blended

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Would you like us to customize our solutions to suit your specific requirements?

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